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Ok. You got your dates. You have your venue locked and your wedding outfit is a work in progress. And suddenly one of your bridesmaids told you that she might not be able to assist you much during the wedding because her sister is getting married the same week. Not really a big issue right, until you realized that your wedding weekend is an ideal wedding weekend and there are so many people getting married on the same date. 


… I feel you.


Hi! I’m Syaz. And I too, was married during a very famous date. It was basically a whole month filled with blissful weddings. Initially I was oblivious about it until mom started to tell me the number of potential guests which was half than what I expected. Which means, I was basically throwing money on items that I had already ordered. 


Fortunately, mom came out with a brilliant plan. 

“Na, what if we tell our guests that we serve traditional food? You know, our guests might still want to eat Nasi Putih, Daging Salai Masak Lemak, some ulam and ikan masin on the side”


True enough, when my family and I told our guests that, miraculously people started to RSVP YES. And in Malaysia, people rarely even bother to RSVP. Haha. Thank you, Mom.


So, if you are having the same issue as I did. Maybe you can try these ideas:


  1. Instead of blasting your invitations in WhatsApp group or Facebook invites, try to send personalized messages to your guests.


So this shows how meaningful their presence is to you. If you are too busy, perhaps you may delegate this task to one of your bridesmaids’/family members with A+ people skill to assist you. ☺


  1. Use social media.


A long-time friend of mine invited me to a wedding and to be honest, I didn’t know if I wanted to attend since I didn’t really remember her much after we graduated. I followed her on Instagram, and there on she posted few updates on her upcoming wedding and how excited she was to meet all of her friends. Despite my busy schedule, I actually showed up to see everything that she had worked on (she’s a diy queen), even queued to take photos with her. We still keep in touch to date. True story. 


  1. Tell your guests about your food!


This was the step that I took and I encourage you to do the same! Tell your guests that the food is going to be great. We know Malaysians loveee good food! And if you are up for a dare, be different! I decided to change my menu last minute to traditional Negeri Sembilan dishes, where all the masak lemak are extra spicy. I even told my guests that there is going to be yummy cendol as refreshments since the day is going to be hot. I drew them even closer by mentioning that the santan is extra fresh. Boring invitation is not gonna cut it nowadays. 


In case if your parents still want the traditional Nasi Minyak, you can opt for different complimentary dishes than the usual. At D’ARA Catering, our specialty is AYAM PALEMBANG. Full of herbs with and a little hint of spiciness, it’s delicious and I kid you not your guests will definitely remember it, and of course how beautiful you look on your wedding day. ☺ 


All in all, don’t stress about it. It’s your day, so have fun! But, if you want to try our AYAM PALEMBANG or our other menu selections, do contact us and we’ll arrange a food testing session with you. We’ll share some ideas with you as well, in case if you are stuck. 


Happy planning and I wish you all the best! ☺